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Audits Ireland

Audit Services at TJ Briody & Co. Chartered Accountants

Our team at TJ Briody & Co. has over sixteen years’ experience of providing audit services in Ireland.  We can provide a full range of business and accounting services – irrespective of the size of your business or the complexity of your financial accounting procedures.

Summary of our Audit Services

Our range of audit services has been developed in order to deliver trusted and independent advice in a business environment which is constantly changing due to commercial pressures, government intervention and compliance issues.  We have a track record of operating at the highest level.

In addition to preparing and auditing financial reports to fulfil statutory requirements of the Irish Companies Acts, we can also produce financial audit reports to assist with business planning, grant funding, business acquisitions and management buy-outs.  Our audit will ensure all regulatory requirements are dealt with in a seamless manner.

Our audit services include:

Statutory Audit

At TJ Briody & Co. we go beyond the basic obligations required of an annual financial report to identify key aspects of a business, its operation and prospects for growth.

Our partner-led approach enables us to provide true and fair financial statements for shareholders and directors.  We identify risks that a business may be facing in the future, implement safeguards against those risks and facilitate forward planning with measures in place to improve cash-flow performance and profit.  We believe an audit can add value to your business.

Internal Audit

The role of an internal auditor is to ensure that systems and controls are in place which are appropriate to the nature of the business – and the risks and challenges it may face. An internal audit often differs from a statutory audit in that it is usually focused on specific areas of a business's operation.

Due to the nature of an internal audit, an internal auditor may need to outsource assistance from specialist experts when a specific issue is identified.  We believe that we have the specialist experts already in place to save time and money in the execution of an internal audit.


Systems and Controls Review

Similar to an internal audit, a systems and controls review is intended to identify areas of a business's operation in which strengths can be developed to improve performance and weaknesses in the financial accounting process to eliminate risks.


However, in addition to systems and controls reviews being used to enhance a business's operation, an auditor's report on the internal procedures within a business can also be of benefit to companies who are considering fund-raising opportunities, valuations, disposals and acquisitions.


Financial Due Diligence

Financial due diligence is an essential component of any take-over deal or acquisition and at TJ Briody & Co. we thoroughly investigate all aspects of a business transaction to ensure the accuracy of assumptions regarding finances, commercial viability, operational procedures and corporate strategy.


Forensic Financial Accounting

A further important role of auditors in Ireland is to provide forensic financial accounting services when disputes arise over the valuation of a company or in scenarios where fraud may be an issue.  Our experience of working closely with both plaintiffs and defendants – and their legal teams – often facilitates the quick resolution of disputes.


Other Audit Services

The list of audit services provided above is just a summary of the assistance that can be provided by the expert team at TJ Briody & Co. – one of the leading practices of auditors in the North East.  Other financial accounting services we offer businesses include pre-audit preparation, corporate governance reviews and ensuring compliance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) – all to the highest industry best practice.


​Our services also extend to financial institutions – for whom we can provide pre-lend surveys and post-lend audits and independent business reviews.​

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